Wedding Carriages


Landau Wedding Carriages


Landau's are the most popular wedding carriages we have.

These carriages are Coachman driven in the traditional manner.


Available in either Cream & Black

or Royal Blue & Blac

Both have twin hoods that can be open, or closed against the weather.


 Glass fronted Cream & Black landau (below)


With the glass front on this carriage the bride is very visible even with the rear hood up.

All Landau's seat 4 adults comfortably. 



Postillion Wedding Carriages

We are the only company in the country to offer postillion wedding carriages.

This is the chosen method of the Royal family.

We have three carriages that can be driven this way.




Post Chaise Carriage

A carriage which was used by the Gentry from about 1780 as a fast means of travel.

A very comfortable carriage with seating for two people.

It allows full visibility through windows in front, & on both sides giving passengers a fantastic view of the horses.

post chaise wedding 043


An excellent carriage for winter weddings.

This is the only carriage of this type in the country!


Group Wedding Carriages

These are ideal for wedding parties/close family.

Body Break

The body break is an open carriage, which is ideal for taking the groom and ushers or the wedding party.

 Other Events-Body-break

It can carry up to eight passengers & can be driving by a pair or team of four horses.



This is also a great wedding party carriage as it seats seven passengers. Three on top and four inside


Other Events-Shillibeer

All our carriages are in first class mechanical order and are immaculately turned out.

They come complete with traditional carriage lamps & ribbons where appropriate.

All carriages are attended by a Coachman and Footmen in full livery.